WIN a Pair of Warrior #Skreamer Pro Football Boots – Predict the Score

Warrior Football has officially un-caged its debut boot collection, Skreamer. Spearheading the range is the Skreamer Pro. Anatomically engineered on the pillars of power and lightweight agility, the Skreamer Pro is fuelled by a revolutionary design DNA making it swift and deadly on any surface. And you have the chance to own a pair of the not even on sale yet boots in a size of your choice.

Please answer the following three questions on tonight’s Tottenham v Panathinaikos Europa League game. Whoever gets the most right, or in the event of a tie is closest on the tie break, will win the boots.

-Final Score
-First Goal Scorer
TIE BREAKER: Total Number of Tottenham shots On Target

Enter for free by filling out the form below or by emailing
Don’t forget you need to put down guesses for all three!

The winner will be contacted tomorrow and the competition entry closes at kick off tonight. (8:05pm) Good luck!

To learn more about the Skreamer Pro and wider Skreamer range, visit

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