Time for UEFA to Show These Racist Thugs Their Mettel

Lazio were fined £32,500 for their fans racist abuse towards Tottenham’s black players during our UEFA cup game. Not the first time they have been found guilty of racism I might add.

And now knife, belt, baseball bat and knuckle duster wielding Lazio Ultras have attacked Spurs fans in Rome. Also not the first time they have shed the blood of football fans I might add.

According to Marco Manzi, the owner of the Drunken Ship pub in Rome’s Campo Dei Fiori piazza, there was some 30 Tottenham fans, mostly over 40, drinking very calmly in the pub when a group of young men with their heads covered burst in throwing cobblestones, waving clubs and metal rods.

The young men viciously attacked the Tottenham fans in a fight that the owner said lasted roughly 10 minutes.

Nine Tottenham fans were injured, two reportedly stabbed, with one British man – believed to be 25 years old, in a critical condition in hospital after being stabbed in the aorta.

Racism has no place in football, getting stabbed supporting your team abroad certainly doesn’t either.
Time for UEFA to show their mettle in the face of these racist thugs… I’m not holding my breath…

Be safe out there Spurs fans. Thoughts go out to the injured. And to the players…. smash them on the pitch tonight.

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