The Entire Pun-Tastic Spurs #WaterloggedFootballers Team

After the England v Poland washout last night, twitter was flooded with water related footballing puns under the trending topic of#WaterloggedFootballers.

This is a selection of the best, plus a few I’ve made up.

Spurs are playing in the classic four four two pourmation…

Heurainyho Gomes

Danny Hose
Younes Kagoul
Micheal Oarson
Benoit Assou Soak-otto

Aarain Lennon
Tom Puddlestone
Clint Dampsey
Gareth Bale-Out / Gareth Whale

Emmanuel Paddle-by-oar
Jermain Defloat

Jake Rivermore
Kyle Water
Ledley Sinking
Steven Poolker
Andros Drownsend / Andros Deepend

Of course, the game will be played at White Hart Rain under the management of Andre Villas Boatas.

…I’ll get me (rain)coat….

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