Obvious Spurs get Obvious Result after Obvious Performance

Let’s be honest, looking at our performance as a whole, 2-1 is flattering. City had two strong penalty shouts turned down and Aguero / Tevez squandered many clear cut chances. Despite the fact that City appeared to have no luck and the ref appeared to be on our payroll for large portions of the game, it was always going to be a loss.

As hilarious as it was effective to draw foul after foul after offside after foul out of City, we actually performed on an equal footing to them in the first half, nicked a goal and easily keep them at bay for the entire half. Then, it was obvious wasn’t it?! Forget the game plan, forget how to pass, sit back, invite pressure, and lose.

This week, our good 45 minutes came in the first half as we held City at bay and scored with a lovely set piece. Lennon being fouled on the right wing results in a sumptuous Huddlestone free kick which is met by a powerful Caulker header and spilled over the line by Joe Hart. 1-0 Spurs.

Then comes the crap 45 minutes. On the 65th minute, the pressure finally told as Aguero jinked his way in from the edge of the area, he checked onto his left foot and passed it round Friedel. 1-1.

More backs to the wall defending and one or two meaningless breaks between that and the second City goal came as Silva flicked the ball over our dodgy defensive “line” and Dzeko span and volleyed it through the hands of Friedel. 2-1 City.

Player Ratings
Friedel 6 – Some smart saves from poor shots throughout, but was beaten twice.
Walker 5 – Quiet throughout
Gallas 6 – Incompatible with a high line
Caulker 7 – Powerful header for the goal, and made a few good clearances and tackles.
Vertonghen 5 – Lost. Very exposed when Maicon came on.
Lennon 6 – Offered very little.
Sandro 8 – Our best player
Huddlestone 6 – Other than during free kicks, seemed to spend most of the match giving the ball away and endlessly putting us under pressure.
Bale 6 – One run of note in the second half. Shades of last year as the final ball did not match the quality of the run.
Dempsey ? – Sorry, I have no idea who that is.
Adebayor 6 – Too much faff when a pass will do.

Dawson 5 – On with just enough time to get a better view of the City winner.
Defoe, Naughton 5 – Not involved.

When the second city goal went in, some fellow Spurs fans in the pub I watched the game in got angry, some shouted at the TV, some swore at AVB, some said Lloris would have saved it, most were looking to blame someone, some even walked out. Whether it was all the cough syrup and the remains of a flu virus coursing through my body, or the fact that quite simply I could see it coming from a mile off, I don’t know, but my only reaction to going behind was to sigh, lift my pint to my face and wonder just how many goals we’re going to beat the Arsenal by next week. Coys.

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