“No regrets if we lose” – Inter Preview & Spurs Team News

Second leg away to Inter and the quarter finals beckon. All we have to do is prevent complacency from getting the better of us and remain within two goals of Inter. Three if we score an away goal. Inter had chances in the first leg, they just failed to put them away, Spurs also had more chances that we should have put away so I can definitely see goals, and can’t see past Spurs progressing. Which, not surprisingly is the overall feeling on the Inter forums…

“I’m not gonna watch it, I’m not gonna follow the news about it. It’s an over issue to me. There is a certain amount of humiliation one can bare & still keep going on. I’ve reached my limit.”

“The only way we are going to win this tie, is by injecting all Tottenham players with a sedative right before the start of the match.”

“Lack of Bale will definitely help us, but it’s not like 1 player can change the team from 3:0 winners to 0:4 losers.”

“Forget this game and put out our youth to the game.”

“Spurs lost at Liverpool. Inter lost at home to a club most people outside of Italy don’t even know exists. Spurs can send your youth team, won’t make a difference.”

Some try to look on the bright side…

“I believe if we score under the first 5 minutes, we’ll scare them. We should go all in offense which will make them afraid and choke. ”

“We only need to get to 3-0, then it’s game on. We got to that score against them in only one half of football a few years ago.”

“Which ever way we look at both teams, we are on par with them, and we have every possibility in claiming an early lead against them at home. I predict 3-0 to us, and we win on extra time.”

But the positivity quickly turns to talk of rape… again…

“There is a bigger chance that they would rape us again than us winning 3-0.. come on people. Who will score?”

“lets get raped 5-0, so that clown leaves as coach, and we can get a coach who will teach them how to put 2 f**king passes together.”

“being raped against tottenham, and getting strama fired is for the good of the club.”

“Yep, this is a game when I will also beg for us getting raped for the reason you’ve mentioned. Sh** competition, we’re 99% out, so there will be no regrets if we lose.”

Inter Fan Predictions: Inter to Qualify – 10%, Spurs to Qualify – 90%.

Spurs Team News

Adebayor is back, woooo, as is Lennon, genuine woooo. Bale is suspended and has stayed in England to train with Tom Daley.

Naughton Caulker Gallas Vertonghen
Lennon Parker Holtby Carroll Sigurdsson

I’d give Walker a taste of the bench after his complacency against Liverpool, and rotate the back a bit to give Caulker some game time. Lennon to get a run out to warm his hamstrings up for Sunday, and Dembele to get a well earned rest. Adebayor just because we’re 3-0 up and I’d rather not risk Defoe, our only striker than might actually be worth while in the tail end of the season.

Score prediction, I’m going to stick with what I thought it’d be for the first leg. 2-2. Spurs through 5-2 on aggregate. COYS.

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