Met Police Back Spurs Fans Using “Yid” in Chants

purs fans defend our use of the word, the club defend our use of the word, and now, the Metropolitan Police have reassured Spurs fans they will NOT face prosecution for using the word ‘Yid’ in match day chants. According to the Daily Mail, London’s police force agreed with the club and their supporters that the ‘Yid Army’ songs are not anti-Semitic.

I wasn’t at the game last night due to a nasty bout of man flu, but I smiled when I heard it on the TV and if I was there, and I could actually speak let alone sing, I would have joined in with the chants of “We sing what we want…” and “Yid army” despite the Society of Black Lawyers threatening to report Spurs fans to the police in their latest ill informed publicity stunt.

A bit of history on our use of word “Yid” from aprevious article I wrote on the subject:
The word Yid is a slang term for a Jew and was adopted by anti-Semites as a derogatory term. However for Spurs fans, use of the Y-Word represents a triumph over prejudices of the past. Yids” or “Yiddos” began to be used in the 1980s, mainly by rival fans as a term of abuse because of the large Jewish population in the Haringey/Stamford Hill area. Tottenham supporters, Jewish and non-Jewish, united against this and adopted the nickname “Yids”, and use it with a political consciousness of the club as a bastion against racism and anti-Semitism, helping defuse its power as an insult and to positively reclaim a racial slur from rival supporters and throw it back in their face.

There is a massive difference between how Spurs fans use the word and how Chelsea/West Ham/Arsenal etc use it. It was originally chanted at us as abuse in an anti-Semitic way and we subsequently adopted it as a way of making the abuse unsubstantiated. We sing it ironically with full knowledge that we have a multi-cultural fan base and to show that we are united against the racism that we are subjected to.

I accept that when used by opposition fans in a derogatory way, it is racist, and the gassing song, is obviously appalling, and we don’t want those people associated with us, but don’t blame the “Y-Word” for it. Obviously I’m against any racism and (once again) this article is my defence of us Spurs fans who appear to be painted as racists.

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