Hero. Zero. Capitulation – Review & Ratings

Arsenal 5 Tottenham 2
Premier League 17th November 2012

It was all looking rosy for the first 17 minutes, one goal ruled out for offside, one shot from Lennon narrowly wide, complete control of the game and a goal from Adebayor.

Vertonghen threaded a pass through to Defoe on the left who aimed a speculative effort at the far corner. Szczesny could only parry the ball into the path of Adebayor who swept the ball into the net. 0-1 Spurs.

Eight minutes later, Adebayor made a pointless knee high studs up tackle on Cazorla in the middle of the pitch. Red card and Spurs down to 10 men.

Against Arsenal, there’s no doubt that losing Adebayor of all people, gave them and their fans the kick start they needed. It’s not going to be easy to play for 75 minutes with 10 men but Spurs should have kept their heads up and given a better account of themselves. Sure Adebayor getting sent off was a huge contributing factor to the loss, but that doesn’t get round the fact that others, such as the frustratingly pedestrian Huddlestone and Gallas still would have had a crap game and seen us concede goals.

Six minutes later, Mertesacker headed Walcott’s cross into the top corner and the end was nigh. 1-1.

Arsenal took the lead after the ball bounced favourably off Huddlestone into the path of Podolski, a scrappy shot bounced off Gallas and into the corner of the net. 2-1.

There was still time in the first half for more capitulation as Huddlestone sold Lennon short, allowing Cazorla to cross to Giroud from the left. Despite being in a Gallas & Vertonghen sandwich, Giroud still managed to sweep the ball home. 3-1.

AVB went for broke with his half time subs but Arsenal ran rings around the defence once more as Walcott, Podolski and Cazorla combined for the fourth. 4-1.

Bale got one back after some lax Arsenal defending, but any hopes of a last minute comeback were ended as Walcott finally put one of his many chances away and the game ended 5-2 Arsenal.

Spurs Player Ratings
Lloris 6 – Made a few saves but was badly let down by his defence and ended up conceding five goals.
Walker 6 – Little impact, sacrificed at half time.
Gallas 4 – If we had installed a concrete bollard in our defence instead Gallas we would have stopped more Arsenal attacks.
Vertonghen 6 – Best of a bad defensive bunch.
Naughton 5 – Exposed by Walcott repeatedly, sacrificed at half time.
Lennon 6 – Looked lively and had one or two chances in the first half. Anonymous for the majority of the match following the red card.
Sandro 6.5 – Did his best to stem the tide.
Huddlestone 5 – Slower than a concrete bollard. Needs to be benched for the foreseeable future along with Gallas.
Bale 6 – Unwilling to defend, and unable to attack. A mixed bag for Bale with a goal thrown in.
Defoe 6 – Lively in the first 20 minutes, abandoned by the rest of the team following the red card.
Adebayor 2 – One point for making it onto the pitch, one point for looking good in the first 18 minutes, five points for being an ex Gooner and scoring against them, minus five for being a massive twat.

Dempsey 6 – Did his best to support Defoe.
Dawson 6 – Better than Gallas.
Carroll 6 – Better than Huddlestone.

The mighty West Ham at the Lane next…. sigh…

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