Chelsea Review, Ratings & Tweets from Walker, Lennon & Thudd

Tottenham 2 Chelsea 4  
Premier League 20th October 2012

Tottenham have been suffering with some shocking inconsistency this season. Not game to game, but minute to minute. Saturday’s match against Chelsea was yet another example.

The first half was even enough except for the moments where Spurs players were content to pass to the blokes in the blue shirts, but for the first 20 minutes of the second half we dominated the game and got our noses in the lead. Then we got complacent and managed to concede three goals.

The first goal for Chelsea came as Gallas headed the corner out straight to Cahill, who had slipped his marker Caulker, and fired a deflected shot into the roof of the net. 0-1.

The next goal came after the break as Huddlestone’s free kick was hooked back across the goal from Vertonghen and Gallas headed/unintentionally brushed it in with his hand. 1-1

We took the lead after one of Lennon’s runs ended with a ball that found Defoe who duly swept it into the net for his 200th career goal. 2-1 Spurs.

And then it all went to pot.

Oscar’s cross was half cleared by Gallas straight to Mata, who just placed the ball into the corner of the net. 2-2.

Oscar again involved as he slips Mata in behind William “slower than an oil tanker at turning” Gallas, who doesn’t mess about with it. 2-3.

The fourth was a complete farce. Walker trying to hold onto the ball not willing to hoof it up field. Which is fair enough, it was late in the game and you can only score if you have possession, hoofing it up the pitch would have given Chelsea the chance to just hold the ball. What happened next though was a joke. Walker ran himself into trouble, got mugged of the ball and left Chelsea with the simplest of crosses and subsequent tap ins. 2-4.

Player Twitter Reaction
Kyle Walker had to endure a s**t-storm of abuse and has now left twitter. His final tweets were as follows:
If I said what I thought to these people I would get done humans make mistakes it was 90mins and I though(t it was) a foul end off (sic)!!!!”
Would love to know what I’m doing so different I give 100% every game and still u (have) something to say I’m 22 and learning #embarrassing.

Aaron Lennon – Disappointing result today especially having gone 2 1 up but we will bounce back,,thanks for the messages great support as usual

Tom Huddlestone – S**t result today, got to be better especially when we took the lead, alot more to play for though, keep the support+faith

Player Ratings

Friedel 6 – Conceded four, may have done better, but was badly let down by his defence.
Walker 5 – I don’t condone the abuse sent to the guy on twitter, but he needs to buck his ideas up. Yes he’s still young and learning, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that he has been a shadow of his former self from last season. Plus, that mistake at the end was embarrassing.
Gallas 4.5 – Scored, but didn’t control his defence and he contributed heavily to three Chelsea goals.
Caulker 5 – Often slipped by the player he was supposed to be marking.
Vertonghen 7 – The one shining light in an otherwise disastrous day for the back four.
Lennon 7 – The main attacking threat in the second half.
Huddlestone 6 – A few cute passes without really causing Chelsea too much to worry about.
Sandro 6 – Nothing spectacular. Wasteful in attack.
Sigurdsson 6 – Wasted chance after chance.
Dempsey 5 – The new Bentley? Big fish in a small pond, struggles to make an impact when he moves to a bigger pond?
Defoe 7 – Main threat along with Lennon.

Livermore 5 – Didn’t track Mata for the third Chelsea goal.
Adebayor 5 – No impact.

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