A Q&A With AVB – “The players we are trying to bring in and have here also embrace that [Spurs] philosophy…”

The official Spurs twitter account ran a Q&A session with AVB this afternoon. All the questions and responses are below….

@AKAK45 what has impressed you most since arriving at Tottenham? 
“I have encountered a tremendous group of people, staff & players. Important to get positive response, which we have since we arrived. It has been an exciting 5 months and we hope we can keep doing well in order to repay the confidence given to us from the beginning”

@Kentworthy Andre, whats your favorite thing about living in London? 
“It is a tremendous City, very cosmopolitan, we find ourselves very well here, we feel at home with English culture, maybe because of my English background. The hospitality and the fact people are so open to make you feel welcome, that is my favourite thing”

@lukeheffernan96 what was it like being taught by Sir Bobby Robson? 
“I didn’t work officially with him, but I gave him a hand on what I thought statistically and player reports. It was a great, great experience for me. It is very unusual for someone so high profile to take on a kid and put on the route to a coaching career and I am very thankful for that to him.”

@DanPayne_91 Afternoon Andre, what’s been your best moment so far whilst working at Spurs?
“Winning at Man United away was something special for everyone here, players, staff and fans”

@tottenhamtalk1 You look like a wine man, what your favourite? There are superior wines but the wine I enjoyed most was Chateau Phelan Segur 1986. You get satisfaction from wine not only from the quality but from the event, surroundings and the people”

@jamie11freeman Andre, what has been the best part of moving to the new training ground?
“Training centre is absolutely amazing, we have replicated top conditions for our footballers. Infrastructure is amazing, everything is more extensive and the players have been buzzing since we arrived. We had concerns that the change from the Lodge may have had an impact but It has all been extremely positive”

@BillzTucker23 Hi Andre what was it like managing British Virgin Islands at the grand old age at 21? 
“I didn’t actually manage them! I first arrived as a youth football co-coordinator, then promoted to technical director overseeing football development and very close to the national team. You have to bear in mind that the league had 6 amateur teams, most from the commonwealth and the Caribbean. I was close with the first team, helping out so we could to make it to the group phase of the qualification of the ’02 World Cup. We played against the Bermuda who had 3 pro’s but it was a great modern sporting and life experience”

@Harrishotspur How can you describe the atmosphere of being the Spurs manager? 
“It’s great because of the philosophy of the Club want to implements what I think about football & the way we should play. I think we should have a go, play well and be open. Obviously in any quest of a football team it is to be successful, ideally we want to mix the two. Sometimes we have done that this season and been brilliant, other times we haven’t got what we wanted but played well. We want to take the Club to the future. It’s an honour to be at a Club who want to protect these values and we are reminded everyday because they are present in our training ground. The players we are trying to bring in and have here also embrace that philosophy which we want to carry into the future.”

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